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What’s the difference between Air Purification and Air Sanitization?

Air purification as it relates to air cleaning devices is a mechanical process. Air sanitization / disinfection is a biological process that kills bacteria, viruses, spores, VOC’s and odors.

Air Purification and Air Sanitization


Air Purification versus Air Sanitization / Disinfection in the context of air devices.

Air purifiers clean and filter the air, using a mechanical process. Air purifiers remove dust, contamination and pollutants. Air Sanitization / Air Disinfection is a biological process not a mechanical process.

Air sanitizer / air disinfecting devices kill living things in the airstream, by using UVGI Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation, not by just filtering particles. Although, the technology used in the Aerobiotix cleaning devices filters particles as well using HEPA filtration.

Devices such as the AeroCure 200 and the GermZone 100 use UV-C light. Independently tested to eliminate 99.97% of bacteria, 100% viruses, 99.91% of spores in a single pass.

germzone-100-portable air purification systems in resident senior care environments

GermZone® 100

Designed for spaces less than 400 sq. ft.

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aerocure-200-portable air purification systems in resident senior care environments

AeroCure 200

Designed for spaces 400+ sq. ft.

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